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To schedule a consultation with Dr. Darakchiev, please call 631-690-9080.

©2018 by Borimir Darakchiev, MD, LINPS Neurosurgeon


"With nearly 30 years as a board-certified neurosurgeon, I take pride in providing all of my patients with a complete understanding of their disease and all viable treatment options, including surgery.

  I work side-by-side with my patients, their families, and physicians, until the final stage of their healing." - Dr. Darakchiev



”Two hours after landing from a flight home, I found myself in the ER suffering from a severe blood clot in my brain. I am grateful every day for Dr. Darakchiev’s exceptional care. He explained in detail the emergency subdural head surgery that was required to save my life and made sure my family and I were confident with his plan. We are all so appreciative for his skill, professionalism, and above all, his genuine concern.”
– Christine M. –

"On my first visit to Dr. Darakchiev, I was informed that he ordered a body scan and that he was not satisfied with the initial results. He was suspicious about my chest. After a pet scan and biopsy, it was confirmed that I have thymic cancer. Simply put, but for Dr. Darakchiev I would not be alive today.  God Bless Dr. Darkachiev. He saved my life, both with the brain tumor removal, and the scan that led to cancer diagnosis.”

– Alex S.

 "Wonderful doctor. After having dizzy spells and headaches, I had gone to my GP, only to find that I had a tumor in the membrane of my head. Shocked, worried and incredibly frightened, Dr. Darakchiev was recommended to me by my doctor, and family, as one of the leading neurosurgeons in the area. He saw me immediately after an MRI and cat scan. He was caring, direct and clear, on my options. He spoke to family and supplied us with information which, frankly, I was too shocked to ask. His confidence and warm approach reassured us, while making sure I waited and wanted for nothing. I entered the hospital on Monday morning, directly after my consultation, and was operated on the following Wednesday. The operation was completely successful, and I truly believe that is due to the wonderful doctor I was lucky enough to have. I left the hospital on Friday evening, received a call from the doctor on Saturday to see how I was and have seen him since to check on the sutures as well as my well being. Thank you Dr. Darakchiev. You made a real difference for me, and the ones I love. "

– Grace K.


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